Light Up White Bow Tie

  • $19.98

Live your best life with a light up bow tie!  

Material: The bow ties are made of a soft satin material. There is a small black metal clasp on the satin neck band to adjust the sizing. The el wire is carefully stitched onto each pack making it durable and long lasting! 

Bow Tie Color: Black 

El Wire Color: White with 3 modes: on, blinking and off. 

Battery Pack: The small battery pack is 1 ¾”L x 1”H and is placed on the back of the bow tie for a handsfree wireless experience. 

Battery Type: This bow tie takes 1 2032 battery and the battery is included! 

Bow Tie Size: Approx. 5"Length x 2 ½"Height  

Adjustable Strap: These bowties can fit both kids and adults. There is one black metal clip on the satin neck strap to make the bow tie adjustable to your needs. 

     Minimum Length: 18” 

     Maximum Length: 10”

Special Directions: Must hand wash and air dry. Excessive water will damage the el wire.

Shipping: FREE shipping within 24 hours!