Orange Light Up Black Rechargeable Wireless Glasses

  • $18.98

Make your statement with these solid black light up wireless glasses that are rechargeable and wireless! 

Material: The glasses are made of a plastic material. The el wire is security tacked onto the front of each pair of glasses as well as the arm bands. 

Glasses Color: Black

El Wire: Orange with 3 modes: on, blinking, and off. The el wire is only placed on the front of the glasses as well as the arm bands.

Battery Pack: There is no exterior battery pack! The rechargeable battery is built into the right arm band which measures ¾ of an inch tall and the width is ½ of an inch. Both arm bands have the same size except for the width. 

Battery Type: These glasses take about 1 hour to fully charge and last about 4 hours at full brightness off of one charge. The USB cord is 8” long and plugs into any USB port just like a cell phone!  

Glasses SizeArm Band: 6 ⅓ ”  Front: 6”Length x 2”Height 

Special Directions: Must hand wash and air dry. Excessive water will damage the el wire. 

Shipping: FREE shipping within 24 hours!