Top Picks of Creative Holiday Gift Ideas 2021

Written by: Karli Hausman

Sometime it's hard to shop for someone who already has well... everything. Insert creative and customized gift ideas! Whether you're shopping for yourself, a family member, a spouse or your pet, here are some of the most unique and creative gift ideas we've come across.

#1 Personalized Candle 

How can you make a boring old candle so much more personable? Why add a message to it of course! AtoZCandles on ETSY offers personalized candle options ranging from $15.20 to $33.60 with over 30+ scents to chose from.  

#2 Bedroom Decor Night Light

This would be the perfect gift for anyone including kids, adults and friends. The ETSY shop CustomHappinessShop offers color or white lights along with 9 different design styles. This night light will cost you anywhere from $29.98 to $34.98. 

#3 Customized Fanny Pack 

This one is hard to beat when it comes to festival goers, kids and amusement park fans alike. From the LyteUpClothing ETSY shop these fanny packs will cost you a cool $20.98 including free shipping. There are 7 fanny pack colors to chose from and a multitude of color options including shimmer and metallic. 

#4 Custom Pet Portrait

This one should actually be our #1 because who doesn't love a royal painting of your pet? You have to check out the VanWoof ETSY shop for their custom and unique pet creations. They offer everything from digital copies to large delivered prints and their prices range from $33.76 to $66.12. Worth every penny if you ask us. 

#5 Monogrammed Wooden Spoon

It never hurts to impress the chef of the house with a monogrammed wooden spoon. From the ETSY shop HomewoodHive they offer 6 different styles and this won't even dent your wallet at $9. They do offer many other designs so check out their shop! 


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