10 Bachelorette Party Activity Ideas

Written by: Karli Hausman

If you are looking for some bachelorette activity ideas, we got you covered! This is our list of 10 recommendations to show your bride-to-be a night she'll never forget. Not everything has to revolve around a party or alcohol, rather this list focuses on a memorable experience for any bachelorette group.  

#10 A Photoshoot Session 

A photoshoot session could be anything your heart desires! You can get your group a photographer for an indoor or outdoor session. They usually range from $100-$500 depending on the length of time, location, time of day and day of the week. The photos are usually sent within a few days and you can print them digitally or keep the files on your phone for social media. 

#9 Crafting Class 

A good place to check for classes would be on Groupon. They offer many various types of crafting classes such as pottery, drawing or jewelry making. Another place to check out is your local Michaels or Home Depot who offer free classes. Depending on your level of budget, the free class option could be an option otherwise, the arranged classes are usually BYOB and a great outing with your friends. 

#8 Cooking Class 

Just like the crafting class option, the first place to check should be Groupon. They offer great deals for many different cooking class styles. Otherwise, research your local cooking classes to see their group pricing. This could range from $50-$200 depending on the food type and experience level. A lot of the popular choices are pasta or sushi making. It's a great way to learn, bond and eat! 

#7 Comedy Club 

Who doesn't like a good laugh! Comedy Clubs are very common in any area and usually offer a great group ticket discount. Many will require a 2 drink minimum so take that in to account with your budgeting costs. They do offer meals at most places as well depending on the time you go. Comedy shows usually last anywhere from 1-2 hours and is a guaranteed way to put a smile on everyone's face! 

#6 Karaoke 

Not everyone has a great singing voice but a few drinks may make you feel different! There are many karaoke nights hosted at local bars or better yet, research for a local karaoke bar. You can reserve a small room just for you and your group that you can order food, drinks and sing the night away! 

#5 Amusement Park

Depending on your budget the Amusement Park route may be a great option for any Bachelorette Party! It's a great way to check all of the boxes of entertainment, laughs, great food and many parks offer alcohol as well. This could range from heading to Disney to hitting up your local state fair. Many venues also have concerts or shows as part of the park or fair so look at the calendar to make sure you can double down on the entertainment! 

#4 Glamping 

It is almost a guarantee that one person in your group will not be a fan of camping, but who doesn't love glamping! (glamorous camping) Glamping is basically a step up from camping without having to bring your own bedding but it's still not quite like renting a hotel room. It's a sure way to enjoy nature, roast some s'mores and still check all of the boxes of a bachelorette party. 


#3 Tea Room Experience 

Grab your fancy hats and dresses and let's go get some cucumber triangle sandwiches. The tea room experience is a great way to take an elegant approach to a bachelorette party. Many tea rooms will accommodate big parties exclusively. 

#2 Wine Tasting 

This is a very common girl trip, birthday party or bachelorette party activity. If you contact a local wine tour or wine tour bus group they will usually have a plan laid out for you. That is a much easier way to coordinate a big group. They will pick you up or have a meeting location, then it's about 2-3 different stops all included in the overall price which ranges from $100-$200. This is a great way to get the laughs rolling all while not having to worry about a thing with the wine bus tour! 

#1 Spa Day

Who doesn't love a good spa day! This is always a great way to relax before the big day. Depending on your local spa, you can book an overnight stay, multiple sessions per day or some places even offer a brunch. It would be best to consult with your group and bride-to-be since preferences and budgets vary! 


No matter where you go or who you are with, it's all about making memories! Remember that Lyte Up Clothing has all of your customizable bride and bachelorette party outfits and accessories to enhance your experience! 

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